(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q:    Does the artificial eye need to be removed everyday?

A:    The artificial eye needs to be removed only for specific reasons.

• To remove irritants and foreign bodies such as grit or loose eyelashes.
• Excessive mucus discharge.
• To allow for healing or treatment of infection.
• Before surgery to prevent loss of false assessment of pupil reaction.
• Patient’s personal preference.

Q:    How do I remove the artificial eye?

A:     Wash and dry your hands. Gently pull down the lower lid. Look upwards, and then lever the prostheses forward over the lid with a finger, the prostheses should then fall out into your hand. Try not to drop the prostheses on hard surface as this could cause it to scratch.

Q:    How should the artificial eye be cleaned?

A:    This is a very simple procedure. The artificial eye should be washed with contact lens rinsing solution using soft tissues to wipe away debris. Never use chemicals, disinfectants or detergents as these cause permanent damage to the surface of the prostheses.

Q:    How do I refit the artificial eye?

A:     This is simple. After lifting the upper lid with one hand, holding the prostheses the correct way round with the most pointed side towards the nose, push the prostheses gently into the top of the socket under the lid. Transfer the finger holding the upper lid to the prostheses to prevent it from falling. Then using your free hand pull down the lower lid. The bottom of the prostheses will easily slip inside.

Q:    What are the possible causes of excessive discharge and what should be done to prevent this?

A:    An ill-fitting prostheses can lead to scratching and irritation of the conjunctiva, resulting in increase mucus discharge. The patient is advised to consult the ocularist at least annually, for the prostheses to be cleaned and polished.