Cosmetic Scleral Shells

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Who needs a cosmetic shell?

Cosmetic scleral shells are fitted to patients with blind phthysical eyes and with traumatic aniridia. These shells are fabricated in similar fashion as for the ocular prostheses, but the clinical fitting procedure differs from patient to patient depending upon the complexity of the problem and the degree of shrinkage. Shells can also be made with clear pupil to patients who have un-blind phthysical eye. These shells are fitted using impression technique. Careful centering is required and the scleral lens has to be proven to be tolerable. In those cases where clear power optic is desired, the power surface curvatures and thickness must all be known.
The scleral shells are used by patients of different ages. A large range of patients use the scleral shell to cover previous ophthalmic trauma. The fitting of the shell is not difficult, and the whole appearance is very acceptable. The long term of using the scleral shell is a fact to avoid enucleation and eviceration.