Phaedra's Brief Curriculum Vitae

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Greek, English, French, Arabic & Hebrew


Ocular prosthetics, Moorfields Eye University Hospital, London, England.
Ocular prosthetics, Royal Manchester University Hospital, Manchester, England.
Specialty in infants and children Ocularisty, Institute of Ocular Prosthetics, Vichy France.

    Ocular Prosthetics, Moorfields Eye University Hospital London, England.
    Cosmetics Scleral Shells, Moorfields Eye University Hospital London, England.
    Post Enucleation Socket Syndrome, Royal Manchester University Hospital Manchester, England.
    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Glasgow Scotland.
    Ocular Trauma, Congenital Disorder and Abnormalities Anophthalmia, St. John Ophthalmic Hospital, Jerusalem.
    Management of Traumatic Eye Loss, American Society of Ocularists, November 1998, New Orleans USA.
    Update on Bio-Eye Hydroxyapatite Ocular Implants and titanium Pegs, American Society Of Ocularists, New Orleans, USA.

Mrs. Lillrut Sarras, Director of S.O.I.R. Jerusalem, Israel.
Mr. Warden, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, St. John Ophthalmic Hospital Jerusalem Israel.
Mr. Nigel Sapp, Chief Ocularist, Moorfields Eye Hospital, London England.
Mr. Robin Brammar, Chief Ocularist, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Manchester England.
Mr. Brian Leatherbarrow, Consultant Ophthalmologist and Oculoplastic Surgeon, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.
Mr. Spiros Georgaras, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Ygia Hospital, Athens Greece
Mr. Patrick Bordet, Chief Ocularist, Clerment-Ferrant Hospital, France


Private Practices and Laboratories
Voluntary work in Gaza Palestine
President of A.E.O. (Association Of European Ocularists) 2001-2003
Fellow of I.O.P. (Institute of Ocular Prosthetics).
Fellow of F.E.O. (Federation Of European Ocularists).


Chief Ocularist and Founder of the Prosthetic Department at St. John Ophthalmic Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel.
Lecturer at St. John Ophthalmic Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel.
Private practice and Laboratory in Jerusalem, Israel.
Private practice and Laboratory in Tel Aviv, Israel.
Research on Retinoblastoma in West Bank and Gaza, Palestine.


F. Siniora, S. Georgaras, P. Smachliou.
Using Co2 laser in Ophthalmic Plastics, Pan Hellenic Congress 27–31 May 1998 Thessalonica, Greece.
F. Siniora Anophthalmia, St. John Ophthalmic Hospital, May 1991 Jerusalem, Israel.
F. Siniora, Post Enucleation Socket Syndrome, I.O.P. Congress, October 1993, Oxford, England.
F. Siniora, P. Smachliou, M. Abu Ramadan, Ocular Trauma In Gaza Strip, Pan Hellenic Congress, 27-31 May 1998 Thessalonica, Greece.
F. Siniora, Ocular Trauma In Gaza, Society of Egyptian Ophthalmolgy, March 14-16 2003 Cairo Egypt.
F.Siniora, Eye Trauma and the role of ocular prosthetics, 6-9 April 2006, 1st international health exhibition for the public, Athens Greece.


Gaza Palestine Project.
Type: Voluntary Project.
Aim: Manufacturing And Fitting Of Ocular Prostheses.
Organizer: Mrs. Sarras, Director of the Swedish Organization for Individual Relief, S.O.I.R.
Ocularist: Fedra Siniora.
Place: Al Bait Assamed Association, Gaza.
1st Project 1993 till August 1997.
2nd Project 1999 till September 2002.
3rd Project 2002 till December 2004.
4th Project 2005 till December 2006.


Sotiris's Brief Curriculum Vitae

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Optician-optometrist, University instituto di Enrico fermi,Perugia Italy
Ocular prosthesis, Nottingham Trent University, England

    Ocular Prosthesis Design Technology