Association Of European Ocularists A.E.O.

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Association Of European Ocularists A.E.O.

4th A.E.O. Meeting

The fourth A.E.O meeting was held in Madrid, Spain and took place at the Magna Hall of La Paz Hospital, on the 8th & 9th of octobre 2005, and was organized by the Ocularists Guillermo Ocampo Leon and Francisco Pelaez, C/Caballero de Gracia 7, Madrid 28013 Spain, Tel +34 915314955, Fax +34 915230968, e-mail: At the meeting many Ocularists attended from different countries.

The scientific program was as follows,

08.30–08.45 Welcome

Erica Groet, A.E.O. President.
Agustin Fonseca Sandomingo, jefe de servicio de oftalmologia del hospital universitario la paz
Jose Perez Moreiras, Presidente de honor y fundador de la sociedad Espanola de cirugia olastica ocular y orbitaria
Andrea Sanz Lopez, Presidenta de la sociedad Espanola de cirugia plastica ocular y orbitaria

08.45-09.05 Dra. Andrea Sanz, Hospital Vissum Oftalmologico
Evisceracion y Enucleacion
09.05–09.25 Dr. Jesús Peralta Calvo. Oftalmología Infantil, Hospital La Paz
El Implante de Vastago
09.25–09.45 Dra. Redondo Marcos, Dr. Mencia Gutierrez
Exenteracion Orbitaria con y sin parpados
09.45–10.05 Robin Brammar. Principal Ocularist. Manchester Royal Hospital
Facial prostheses following exenteration
10.05–10.25 Dr. Francisco Pelaez, Ocularista, Barcelona
Otras Protesis
10.25–10.45 Dr. Ramon medel, Clinica IMO Barcelona
Sindrome de Contraccion Orbitaria
10.45–11.05 Dr. Nicolas Toledano
Fisiopatologia del anofthalmos
11.05–11.40 Coffee Break
11.40–12.00 Dr. Gonzalez Candeal
Manejo Oculoplastico del ojo ciego
12.00–12.20 Gregory T. Sankey
Modern Ocularisty and Poly Methyl Metacrylate Acrylic, New Studies on Cytotoxicity and adverse health risks
12.20–12.40 Dr. Betere
Ausencia de formix
12.40–13.00 Dra Tonnie Landman, President of the patient organization for people with eye prosthesis
A new information book in the Netherlands on eye prosthesis, enucleation and seeing with one eye
13.00–14.10 Lunch cocktail
14.10–14.30 Dr. Joan Prat, Clinica sant Joan DEU
Mobilidad y fondo de saco
14.30–14.50 Dr. Gorka Martinez – Clínica Barraquer Barcelona
Injerto Dermograso
14.50–15.10 Dr.Rodriguez Alvarez
Implantes para enoftalmos
15.10–15.30 Dr. Arteaga
Casos Clinicos, Complicaciones III, Injertos
15.30–15:50 Dr. Miguel Gonzalez Candeal. Clinica IMO Barcelona
Cirugía Infantil y Resultados con Prótesi
15:50–16:10 Dra. Sanchez Orgaz, Dr. Arbizu
Utilizacion de pasta de Hidroxiapatita en Oculoplastia
16.10–16.40 Tea Break
16.40–17.00 Dra. Prada
Sustancias de relleno de la cavidad orbitaria
17:00–17:20 Dr. J.M. Abelairas. Oftalmología del Hospital Universitario La Paz
Cirugía Tumoral en Niños
17:20–18.30 Final Questions
18:30 Transfer to Silken Puerta Castilla hotel
21:00 Transfer from silken hotel to gala dinner and flamenco show at El Corral de la Pacheca.

Minutes of round table discussion

Dear colleagues and friends,

A last post-presidential action:
to keep our colleagues who did not attend the 4th congress in Madrid posted to confirm our agreements.
It was so good to meet each other in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. We had a well-organized meeting in the La Paz Hospital and we thank again Guillermo Ocampo (and his staff) and Dr. Jose Abelairas (and the hospital).
At the end of the meeting we talked a short time about our future and guess what:
We will have our 5th Congress in Sweden in 2007, organized by colleague Martin Johnson in Malma, and we will have our 6th Congress in France in 2009, organized by colleague Christine Fernandez in Toulouse. Thank you very much, Martin. Merci beaucoup, Christine.
While brainstorming we talked about what we want for our future meetings:
English spoken, Many ocularists speaking, only doctors who work together with us speaking, Workshops, And: back to basics (like Robin Brammar said).
I have asked him to put his ideas on paper and he said: o.k. Thank you Robin! Sorry for making you work for us again, Robin, but may I memorize your presentation: that slide showing options for treatment, starting with: ß??do nothingß?? that is so inspiring in his simplicity. I had to ask you!
By the way: thank to colleagues Francesco Pelaez and David Carpenter and all the others for their presentations.
Last remark:
I would like to ask everyone to take care of keeping our AEO-file up-to-date by MAILING any new addresses, phone numbers, e-mails or any other important features TO US ALL.
Well; it has been a privilege for me to be your president for the last two years and I thank you all for the support.
From now, hello to Martin Johnson as our vice-president for the coming two years.
P.S: ESOPRS meetings: 2006 : London, 2007 Ljublana, Slovenia (beware Martin, please)

Warmest regards,
Erica J. Groet

Prepared by Erica J. Groet, ocularist
President of the Association of European Ocularists.