Association Of European Ocularists A.E.O.

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1st A.E.O Meeting

The Association Of European Ocularist A.E.O was founded in the year 2000. The first meeting was held at Manchester Royal Hospital on the 22-25 September 2000 and was organized by Mr. Robin Brammar. Only five ocularists attended the meeting, the Ocularists were Mr. Robin Brammar from Manchester England, Mrs. Erica Groet from The Hague Holland, Mrs. Andrea Morris from Manchester England, Mrs. Louise Shorrocks from Manchester England and Mrs. Fedra Siniora from Athens Greece.The meeting lasted only for a couple of hours where the idea of a European association to be established is discussed and decided to organize another meeting.

Minutes of inaugural meeting of European Ocularists group

  1. Informal discussions were conducted regarding the lack of a European group for ocularists. It was unanimously agreed that a group for bona fide ocularists should exist in Europe and that all those present would commit themselves to employing their best endeavours to ensure that further future meetings continue.
  2. It was suggested and agreed unanimously that eash country represented should host a meeting in turn and that all ocularists who are employed 100% of their working time in ocularisty in Europe would be involved to join the group.
  3. It was unanimously agreed that an ocularist is one who both fabricates and fits custom desighned ocular and facial prostheses and implants 100% of their working time (this to include practice administration and management commitments.)
  4. Fedra Siniora generously agreed to host the next meeting in 2001.
  5. It was unanimously agreed that all members would contribute actively to the arrangement of future meetings.
  6. Robin Brammar agreed to assist Fedra Siniora in the outline planning of the meeting in 2001.

Prepared by Robin Brammar 28 th September 2000.